“As an art consultant, I work directly with businesses and corporations in the selection and acquisition of their corporate art collections. The presentation of artwork is as important as the selection. WallBuddies assist us in perfectly installing the artwork. They help us in accurately measuring the distance needed between each work of art in a series of work. And, once hung, they remain perfectly level, no swinging back and forth as with wire hangers. The architects and designers that we collaborate with love the continued aesthetic appeal of perfectly level artwork as part of their overall design concept. We couldn’t be more pleased with WallBuddies!!”
-- Jocelyn Hanson, Designer

"I use WallBuddies exclusively in my shop. They add stability to the frame and provide ease of installation: whether I'm hanging the piece or grouping, or the customer is, WaliBuddies give a clean profile that wire doesn't. They give me a distinct edge over the competition and I have many of my repeat customers asking for them by name."

-- Tom Santopietro, St. Peter Picture Framing Somerset, New Jersey