Over 25 Years of Perfect Pictures

Picture Perfect invented and patented Wallbuddies over 25 years ago in an attempt to allow you the consumers an easier, faster, safer, and professional way to hang artwork or mirrors.

The framing industry has always installed cheap sawtooth hangers, wire, or nothing at all to save money. Sawtooth hangers pull out and add stress to the top of frames. Wire stretches, breaks and warps frames. Both systems allow your artwork to tip away from walls and fall when doors slam or children rough house.

WallBuddies add structural integrity to all frames and mirrors by redistributing the weight to the upper left and right corners, eliminating frames from warping especially in humid areas of the country.

WallBuddies allow you to hang artwork and mirrors easier, faster, and as if you are a professional installer.

Today, millions of units are selling worldwide. First, to collectors and museums, who entrust only WallBuddies for artwork ranging upward in the millions of dollars.

Consumers, like yourself, who feel that hangings should be displayed in a level position and free from future costly repairs are switching all of their artwork, mirrors, and shelf units to WallBuddies. This gives them the added insurance, benefits, and peace of mind. Fortunately, we are beginning to re-educate the framing industry to be more accountable to their customers hanging needs. Many are switching to WallBuddies for all their hangings.

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